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Do you have a modern showstopper? Do you like to rev your engine at red lights just to hear the rumble? Then show off your modern muscle here with cars from the 1980s to today! 

This category will be judged by Lauren Fix.

Modern Muscle Car


Dave Tate

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Year: 2015

Special Modifications: This is a daily drive since 2015, but it has some modifications for speed, downforce and handling:

– E-85 with a 105 mm billet VMP throttle body
– 1300x Injector Dynamics injectors
– ATI 10% overdrive harmonic balancer
– 2.75 underdrive supercharger pulley
– Bwoody Innercooler and spray bar
– 6 speed manual transmission with Barton pistol grip, close ratio shifter, QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft
– G-Force axles, Mcleod 3 disc 1400 HP clutch kit and Fianza 9.5 lb flywheel
– K&N cold air intake
– Suspension all rears bars BMR with poly bushings and 34mm rear sway bar
– Front suspension is AAD Automobile aluminum upper control arms and Moog lower arms with Super Pro poly bushings and 40 mm front sway bar with BMR adjustable end links
– Petty’s Garage provided the front and rear strut towers and brakes with Speed Logic subframe connectors
– The Michelin315/30-20s tires on front and 345/30-20s on rear feature HellRaison wheels from PK Rims
– A.V.S. Fender Flare kit with ARP carbon fiber splitter with six carbon fiber adjustable rods and Southern Car 6″ carbon fiber competition spoiler on rear
– Tuned by Freedom Motor Works (J.J. McGrath) in Oak Ridge, TN.

Tell Us Your Story! As an old street racer and dirt modified racer, I never got the love of speed and smoking tires out of my system. After serving in the Navy, I opened a mechanical shop that grew into several businesses over the last 35 or so years. I’ve always had some sort of sports car project — old Corvettes, Porsches, Jags — but the Hellcat has been a true labor of love. I’m always on the lookout for something new to add a 10th or reduce a little weight. Don’t tell my wife why that is important……

Bill Gottschalk

Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Year: 2015

Brand of Paint: Spies Hecker

Special Modifications: Roush Stage 2 Supercharger
Shelby GT350 Front Spoiler
Demon LED Headlights
Raxiom LED Taillights
Rear Quarter Panels rolled out 1 1/2 inches to fit the 22″ X 12″ wheels and tires
Front end lowered 1 1/2 inches and the rear is lowered 1 1/4 inches
Custom paint work includes the red metal flake hockey stick racing stripe faded out to a silver metal flake trim
Functional 4″ fiberglass Cervini cowl induction hood
Custom air brushed mustang horse head on the underside of the hood
Barton short throw shifter
Blackwood dash trim kit
Four-Bar grill with hidden LED lights that change color via cellphone 

Tell Us Your Story!

I’ve always wanted a muscle car and I love the mustangs, so in 2015 I purchased a new Mustang GT and started showing it. As time rolled along I found that I needed to do something to make it more competitive in car shows and that is when I met Steve and Jesse Bruno of Bruno’s Autoworks in Omaha, Nebraska. Steve and I would get together and brain storm ideas and try to come up with some of style that’s out of the box. We wanted to make my mustang different than any other yet still have the mustang style and drive ability.

I work part time at Metropolitan Community College where I am the nightly lab technician in the Auto Collision department. The instructors told me about this virtual show and I was excited to enter. Our school is a member of the NABC and participates in the Recycled Rides program. I enjoy showing my colleagues the car and also meeting our students at local car shows. 

Al Byrne

Jaguar XJ

Year: 2011

Tell Us Your Story! I’ve always had Jaguars—it’s one of my favorite makes of cars. The 2011 combines the classic Jaguar lines with more horsepower and modern styling. On the highway, this cat will run!

Jonathan Moretti

Pontiac Trans Am WS6

Year: 2000

Special Modifications: Car is mostly stock except for some appearance upgrades such as contrasting emblems in silver. The only mechanical modification is a Flowmaster muffler.

Tell Us Your Story! I had wanted a Trans Am for many years, and in 2000 at 30 years old I was able to fulfill my dream. I purchased the car from the original owner at 8 months old and with just over 6K miles. It has been a weekend cruiser ever since, although it goes on several long distance trips as well. Today, it has just over 47K miles. The license plate reads “XTINKT” as that was the closest I was able to get to the “EXTINCT.” At the time I ordered the plate, only the car was extinct but obviously now the entire Pontiac line is!

Clint Marlow

Ford Thunderbird

Year: 2002

Special Modifications: All stock right down to the replacement Ford Motorcraft wiper blades and cabin filter!

I was looking for this vintage of a Thunderbird for quite some time. Either price or condition always got in the way. While at the SEMA event back in 2006, I decided to respond to a local ebay add. An elderly couple who could no longer drive were selling the vehicle but it had not been driven, or cleaned, in a couple years. I fell in love with it during my test drive. I purchased the vehicle, canceled my United flight back to Chicago, and took an immediate 2000 plus road trip home! The car performed without issue and has been great since.

Gerry Poirier

Dodge Charger Scat Pack

Year: 2019

Special Modifications: JLT Oil Catch Can, Petty Strut Tower Brace, Technology Package, Brembo Brakes, Carbon Fiber Stripes

This is my so called “daily driver”. I was never looking at a Charger to purchase but after driving one I was sold. My other car is a FFR Cobra. This car is amazing with all the comfort, technology and is just plain fun to drive!