NABC Recycled Rides® For Schools

NABC Recycled Rides® for Schools is an extension of the successful national program, NABC Recycled Rides®, geared towards technical schools and colleges.

NABC Recycled Rides® for Schools provide students enrolled in vocational schools with a valuable opportunity to learn their trade with hands-on training on late-model vehicles. Equally important, the program provides students with the opportunity to experience the rewards of helping make a difference in someone’s life.

Participating schools benefit by building awareness in the community for the value of technical education and trade-oriented careers and strengthening relationships with local businesses and organizations. Positive exposure from NABC Recycled Rides® can help increase student recruitment as well as lead to more job opportunities for graduating students.

NABC Recycled Rides® for Schools works the same way as the national program with vehicles donated by an insurer, car rental company or occasionally private individuals. The school, in conjunction with their advisory committee and a local repair facility, repairs the vehicle and donates it to individuals or a charity of their choice.

Participating schools have access to a members-only NABC Recycled Rides® kit which includes step-by-step guidelines and instructions on how to implement a successful program. NABC Recycled Rides® for Schools committee members are available to provide guidance throughout the entire program, including help to obtain a vehicle, acquire the parts for repair and continuing through the “gifting” process and ceremony.

Just like collision shops, schools need to be active members of NABC™. The annual membership fee for both tuition-based schools and non-tuition based schools is $100. The purchase of the presentation kit ($110 + shipping – price subject to change) with the reusable signature green bow, banner and more is also required.

Video: Washburn Tech gifted its 28th NABC Recycled Ride® on December 3, 2019. Video from WIBW.

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What started out as a casual conversation at our semi-annual advisory council meeting in the spring of 2011 brought us to the NABC Recycled Rides® program. We were brainstorming for ways that we could give the students more opportunities for hands on skill development on later model vehicles. Long story short, we had a kick-off meeting on September 21, 2011 with area vendors, technicians, shop owners, shop managers; students and Washburn Tech staff to find out if there was interest.

We repaired and gave our first vehicle away November 22, 2011. What we originally thought was going to be maybe one car a school year has snowballed. On December 3, 2019 we gifted our 28th vehicle. This has been a wonderful opportunity for our students that are helping with repairs that they would not be able to do during our normal school time. The repairs are done during evenings and weekends and we invite local shop managers, technicians, vendors, and insurance partners that work side by side with the students. This had led to job opportunities for some of the students. Graduating students have come back years later and worked on the vehicles. We have one volunteer who started here as a student and has volunteered on all 28 vehicles.

It has been a win-win opportunity for the campus, our students and our local businesses.
Eric Showalter
Washburn Tech

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