Our Vision:

Vision Statement: Automotive collision repairers are admired professionals.

Our Mission:

Mission Statement: To develop, implement and promote community-based initiatives that exemplify the professionalism and integrity of the collision repair industry.

The National Auto Body Council® (NABC®) is a not-for-profit 501c(6) organization committed to the goal of improving the image of all dedicated collision industry professionals, while ensuring the industry is recognized as essential in serving the community. The NABC® also implements the programs and activities that define it and give shape to its mission.

The ongoing and continued success of the NABC®  is a direct result of the efforts and support of our sponsoring companies and membership. We are made distinctive by the fact that as an organization we are focused solely upon this objective. Creating positive Industry image is our only priority, therefore, it gets all our attention.

NABC®  initiatives unite public relations and marketing principles with the concept of community service. The good works conducted by collision repairers and their inter-industry partners are always of concrete benefit to the recipient, setting a sincere and proper tone for our industry when the event attracts media attention. Over time, the professionalism, selfless nature, and exemplary character of the collision industry is brought into plain sight on a regular basis until it remains top of mind with the public.

Though unified in intent, the specifics of each NABC®  project differ and target diverse community needs. More information on these is provided elsewhere on this website.

The NABC® is funded by membership dues and contributions from every segment of the collision repair industry including individual shop operators, automobile manufacturers, insurers, paint and equipment manufacturers, parts suppliers, trade associations and others. As a not-for-profit organization it accepts memberships from both businesses and individuals that work in the collision repair industry. Membership levels range from Patron up to Level One, the highest level of NABC® membership. Additional information on each level can be found here.

In addition to membership, individuals and businesses can support the NABC® through financial contributions and volunteer efforts for specific NABC® projects.

For more specific information, call the NABC® at 855.THE.NABC or e-mail: NABCadministration@nationalautobodycouncil.org. You may also fill out our online membership application.