Ben Clymer

Make/Model: Corvette C8, Torch Red LT3 with Z51 sports packages

Year: 2021

Special Modifications: Ben Clymer grew up around cars, working on them from an early age before starting Ben Clymer’s The Body Shop in Southern California. While Ben Clymer has owned 6 different Corvette’s over the years, including a 63 split window, this was the first Corvette that Ben Clymer Jr. has owned. When GM formally announced in July of 2019 that after decades of talk, they would finally transition to the mid engine platform, both Ben Clymer and Ben Clymer Jr placed their deposits on the new upcoming C8 Corvettes and opted for Museum delivery in Bowling Green Kentucky. Due to the world wide reaction to Covid, production delays greatly impacted the Bowling Green assembly line and the initial delivery of late Spring 2020 turned into February 5th 2021. Both Ben and son flew out to Bowling Green for the Museum tour and deliver (photo attached) and took a week to drive back across the country on a father and son road trip. From the Midwest Plains to the epic Rocky mountains, both were fortunate to experience breathtaking views along with favorable weather (albeit for a snow and Ice storm during the Oklahoma portion of the drive (Photo attached).

Since returning home, both cars have not lived in the garage as Ben Clymer’s Torch Red C8 already has well over 10,000 miles and Ben Jr.’s now is at 32,000 miles as of October 5th. Both Clymers also participated in the Ron Fellows Corvette Drivers School in Nevada where the instructors coach students on exploring the full 1.3 g-force capabilities of a stock C8 with the Z51 package. Further icing on the cake is the fact that while technology has greatly moved on, the C8s still have the nostalgia of being the last pushrod V8s available to Corvette enthusiasts. Further, Chevrolet made the C8 a vehicle where the bulk of maintenance could be done by the owner. From oil changes to transmission filter changes (photo attached), much of the schedule maintenance does not require a special trip to the dealership, making the C8 an every day super car.