Sean Guthrie

Porsche 911 Turbo

Year: 1987

Brand of Paint: PPG

Special Modifications: Fiberglass front and rear bumpers, Aftermarket decklid spoiler, Custom FIKSE wheels, Custom Interior with Carbon Accents, Upgraded suspension, Larger turbo with larger intercooler, Electronic A/C, Complete color change to Porsche Minerva Blue

Tell Us Your Story! The Porsche 930 has always been my dream car. My father owned one when I was young and I have always aspired to own one. In December of 2019 I was able to make my dream come true. Already featuring some upgrades it was a perfect car to modify further and really enjoy. Car Crafters did a complete color change with PPG paint to a Porsche factory Minerva Blue color. I then cleaned up and upgraded the engine, rebuilt the transmission and installed a racing differential, completely re-did the interior with custom carbon fiber parts, added electronic A/C to make it more enjoyable in those hot NM summer days, and gave it some unique touches to the exterior. The car isn’t a garage queen and gets driven A LOT!