Hector Briones

Chevrolet Avalanche

Year: 2005

Brand of Paint: PPG       Special Modifications: Air ride (lays frame), Ls2 (motor swap), Interior redone, 28″ savini forged 3 piece wheels (triple chrome plated), Full sound system

Bought the truck as a daily driver and was my first truck to own, until one day my wife drove it and got in a bad accident which needed a bed side replacement and seeing it cut up I never had the same vision for it again lol, so I decided to chop it up from frame to metal fabrication which was all done by John Ward to clear 28″ wheels and lay all the way to the ground and still function as a daily driver if wanted along with a/c woot woot, and then came interior,engine, and paint which now looks like a totally different truck! I’m happy with it and for sure a head turner, took alot of weeknights and weekends to get it to this point but now looking back it was a fun journey.