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Do you have an unusual custom car? A show stopper that always attracts attention? A ride with a special story? Then this is the category for you. Share your wild card ride here!

The judges for the Wild Card  category are Ian Roussel, custom car builder and host of Full Custom Garage on MAVTV, and Clint Marlow, chairman of the NABC and claims director for Allstate. A classic car enthusiast, he brings years of passion for performance and restoration.

VW Bug


Brian McCoy

Make/Model: Volkswagen Dune Buggy

Year: 1974

Brand of Paint Used: Krylon

Special Modifications: This custom dune buggy features a Berry Mini-T style fiberglass body. Red metal flake powder-coated wheels. Handmade wooden surfboard roof and chest storage. The “Swamp Surfer” came about after I came across a full chassis dune buggy body. I had an old VW bug as a donor car. As with my other low budget builds I used whatever I had laying around. The front bumper is an Upside down bicycle handle bar, the shifter was made with an antique wrench from my uncle’s old tool box. Wheels were old rusty rims that I had powder coated. Not many surfboards out here in South Louisiana, so I built my own. I did the old patina worn metal look on a fiberglass body which has people scratching their heads at the local cruises.

Jim Lothrop

Make/Model: Pontiac Trike

Year: 2017

Brand of Paint: PPG

Special Modifications: This is a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am powering a softail framed trike. It features a custom-made frame, A arms, Air ride suspension. Springer front end and a 6 gallon fuel tank. 

I picked up a softail frame in a trade deal with my brother. I had this for several years just waiting for a project. My niece wrecked her 2003 Pontiac and wasn’t going to invest in its repair. She offered to sell me the tires, then offered the whole car when I went to pick it up. The rest was just head scratching and work!


Bailey Howard

Make/Model: Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged

Year: 2011

Brand of Paint: 

Special Modifications: The Range Rover style and look is a classic. This is a 40th Anniversary Edition with special interior features.

Princess Howard

Make/Model: Jaguar XJ

Year: 2011

Brand of Paint: 

Special Modifications: Always loved the mystique of the Jaguar and have owned several over the years.

Brian McCoy

Make/Model: Volkswagen Beetle

Year: 1974

Brand of Paint: Krylon

Special Modifications: The ” Apocalyptic Swamp Buggy” was a off and on 20 year build. I bought the original bug in 2001, built a Baja out of it sold it and bought it back 8 years ago. I’ve collected parts from what I had to put this together. I describe it as if Mad Max and the Waterboy had a love child, this would be the result. It features a Baja body kit, paintless ’66 Mustang wiring harness,’58 Corvette side spears, handbuilt roof rack complete with Chupracbra cage, and lots of odds and ends.

Eric Goodrich

Make/Model: Ironlung Bubbletop

Year: A little bit of the past five decades

Brand of Paint: Lil Daddy Roth metal flake / house of kolor

Special Modifications: Everything is custom! The iron lung started life as a 1965 thunderbird. I tell everyone I cut all the ugly off and built what was left. The body is all steel, and I fabricated the acrylic dome and engine with a tunnel ram and twin 600 holley carburetors. 

Robert Coles

Make/Model: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Year: 2018

Brand of Paint: Factory – Alfa Rosso

Special Modifications: Exhaust module to open up exhaust on demand, X-pipe, auto start/stop defeat, lowered, tinted, PPF on front, ceramic coated.

I had been looking at this model for 3 months and the prices kept going up. None were in VA and one day I was on a Facebook group of Alfa owners and asked and someone chimed in and said me. I called and offered to buy it sight unseen, though unbeknownst to them I had seen it and knew it’s history and the owner even told me it had an 84 month extended warranty. I wound up getting it and I have loved every minute of it. It is so fast and so much fun that it is almost scary. I LOVE THIS CAR!!!!

Larry Henderson

Kaiser Henry J

Year: 1951

Paint: PPG Envirobase

Special Modifications:

This Kaiser features a hand- fabricated grille, bumpers, window trim inside and outside, Mercedes headlights, custom center console, re-shaped rear side windows, inset rocker panels with doors extended below rocker panels. Dash is from 1950 Chevrolet with Haneline Gauges. Engine is Chevrolet ZZ4 with Isky cam and Barry Grant 3 deuce carb set up. ABS electric power brake system, Willwod rotors and calipers 4 wheel disc, 700R 4 trans, custom exhaust with Borla mufflers currie 9″ rear with 3:70 gears. Ride Tech air ride suspension all around.

Completely finished on bottom side, same as the top side. Everything on this car is all steel, no fiberglass anywhere. If it isn’t painted it has been chromed. No billet to polish, only the 4 wheels.

Found in Staunton Illinois in 2005, in original condition. Shipped to Super Rides by Jordan in Escondido Ca. Car was finished over a six-year period and completed in December 2011. Paint and body work by Charley Hutton. Paint color is Mercedes bright silver metallic year 2000. All leather interior by Gabe Lopez & Sons. Wheels by Evod Industries 17″ front & 18″ rear. Tires BFG G-Force radials. Audio and navigation system is Kenwood with Focal speakers. Rear camera, no side mirrors.

Carson Knight

Kia Sorento

Year: 2013

Paint: Factory titanium silver

Special Modifications: Daily driver! A few modifications I have done to it including custom lights, ignition coils, tinted windows, and phone mounted stand. Purchased used in 2014 as a daily driver.