NABC First Responder Emergency Extrication (F.R.E.E.™) Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to attend the Orientation call?
    Attending the Orientation call is required and is available every Tuesday or by appointment. The call covers everything you need to know to host an event with pictures of past events.

  2. Who attends the Orientation call?
    Anyone at the event location is welcome to attend. The Orientation Call is on GoTo meeting and lasts about 40 minutes.  

  3. Who teaches the class?
    An instructor from HURST Jaws of Life or Genesis Rescue Systems provide the classroom information and conduct the hands-on cutting instruction.

  4. How do I pick the date for my event?
    After attending the Orientation call, an instructor will be assigned. The instructor and host determine the event date. Event dates must be made 60 days in advance.

  5. Who provides the late model cars?
    The NABC has a relationship with multiple auto insurers and makes the arrangements for the cars to be donated. Typically four cars are provided with a maximum class of 40 First Responders.

  6. Who invites the First Responders?
    The host is welcome to invite first responders but the instructor is the primary person to invite first responders because of their relationship with local fire departments.  

  7. How long is the event?
    Weeknight events are from 5pm to 8:30pm, Saturday events are 9am to Noon.

  8. What expenses can I expect?
    The host is responsible for having the vehicles towed from the insurance salvage yard to the event location. Food and water for the event (details covered in the Orientation call).
  9. Can I invite spectators?
    Yes. Spectators do not attend the one hour classroom segment but everyone is welcome to observe the first responders cutting the cars.

  10. Who handles the media invites?
    The host is welcome to contact the media. In addition, the NABC helps create and distribute a Press Release Alert before the event and a Post Press Release after the event.  

  11. What happens to the cars after the event?
    Unless the host has made other arrangements, cars are picked up by 800 Charity Cars for no charge.

  12. Am I limited to how many events I do a year?

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