Tom Norskov

Ford / BOSS 302 Mustang

Year: 1970

Special Modifications: Bascially no special modifications other than a Shelby gauge pod in the center console and a fire extinguisher. One stock BOSS.

Upon retiring I needed something to keep me out of trouble. So, at age 65 I acquired this 1970 BOSS 302. It had been restored approximately 26 years and three owners prior to me, it was still in impeccable condition and ready to enjoy. That is what I have done, driving it to as many local and area cruises and shows as I can make. It always seems to draw a crowd and has earned numerous trophies and awards. As they are our car future, I make certain every youngster that comes along sits in the driver’s seat and has Mom and Dad take their photo. Always gets a BIG smile and a thumbs up..!! Per the Marti report this BOSS is a one of one.