Richard Johnson

Oldsmobile Cutlass

Year: 1966

Brand Of Paint Used On Your Ride:  OEM GM lacquer

Special modifications: 2 speed auto column shift converted to 5 speed floor shift. Suspension is a combo of Eibach, Bilstein, SC&C, and Currietrac. Brakes are of 4th Gen F-body rear and one of a kind C6 Corvette front calipers. Intro billet wheels with matte gray accent paintwork. 18 x 9 front with 255-40-18 and 18 x 10 with 285-40-18 rear.

Tell us about your vehicle! About 12 years ago I wanted to build a pro-touring 64-67 GM-body convertible. After lots of trips looking at junk I found this car on EBAY. The guy that had it had bought it from the original owner’s widow at an estate sale. The original target red was badly faded but it was a 99% rust free survivor. I struck a deal and had it delivered from Pennsylvania to Texas.

Over the next 14 months I did a full frame off custom restoration build with a pro-touring theme but just polishing the original paint and cleaning up the interior. The car was built to handle and stop like a modern sport sedan and it does so very well. I sold the car a little over 10 years ago but last summer the owner called and needed some quick money and wanted to sell the car. My daughter was 3 and was always out in the garage as I was building it. She was not happy at all when I sold it and cried when the shipper loaded it up. Last Summer I surprised my then 13 yo daughter with flight to California and we spent the next two days driving it back to Texas. It was a time capsule of how I sold it. We put more miles that weekend then he did all the years he owned it.