Shane Korzeniewski

Make/Model: American Motors Javelin

Year: 1974


Special Modifications: It is a 1974 American Motors Javelin. It is Black with a very subtle stripe down the sides that was done by Larry Hook Pin-striping. The engine is a 1969 AMC 390 with a lot of work done and obviously Blown with a dual carb setup putting out over a 1000 hp. The transmission is a AMC 727 Torque Flite with a high stall. The rear end is a shorten Dana rear end with 4:56 gears, four link and coil overs. The whole frame/uni-body has been reinforced and tied in as well to handle all them ponies. Car has a complete 3 inch exhaust running thru a Borla setup. And there is nothing sweeter them smashing the gas, holding on, and listening to the roar. The interior is all custom as well from the dash setup, to the seats, to the roll cage. There is also a lot of other custom details not only under the hood, but in other place as well, due to there is not a lot of availability of parts and especially aftermarket ones. Always liked these cars and like to be the different one at shows. It is cool hearing “You don’t see these often” and then I reply well come over and I will show you a few more I own. And of course I drive this car every where and every chance I can. But yes I have to keep in mind on how much gas in the fuel cell because “Boy it loves gas” .